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...oh, shame. I see many new watchers and comments, thank you all guys, it's really cool that someone likes my silly works!) 

:iconrockheartblondie: tagged me on a LM meme. May I not follow all the rules and just answer for the questions? Thank you) Well, better late than never, right?

1. Favorite song?
“At the end of the day” (usually listen to it when I'm on my way back home from the work), “Look down”, “Do you hear the people sing” (singing it every time when I know nobody can hear me)), “One day more”.

2. Have you watched the play live?
Yep, West End's play, 5 times.

3. Who's your favorite Ami?

4. If you could change one thing in the story, what would it be?
Marius has never been born.

5. Any Les Mis ships?
I don't mind if somebody's shipping them (except… mmm… very strange cases)), but for me bromance is the preferable.

6. What's your favorite version of the story? (Brick, musical, miniserie, anime, one of the old movies... Whatever floats your boat)
The Brick, scene version of the musical, movies, well, I don't really love these I've watched but I like Soviet film “Gavroche” (1937) and Lelouch's “Les miserables” (1995) cause they don't seek for the conformity with the book and could be watched as independent movies.

7. Is there any character you don't like? If so, why?
MARIUUUUSSSSS!!! …Khm-khm… Marius from the Brick. He changes his opinions oftener than Cruella de Vil changes her fur coats, sometimes his actions have no reasons, may be it could be explained by his age but in my opinion he is led by his egoism and this all is brought to the readers as a virtue. I think most of the disasters in Les Mis occur because of this repugnant person. Pardon, I dislike him so.
Oh, and Tholomyes too, in his case that's all very easy, he's just a douche.

8. Do you write or read Les Mis fanfic?
Only canon, only hardcore!) Well, I've read a few that my friends adviced me ^^’ 

9. What would you do if you ever met your favorite character?
I’d hit him in his head with the oar, then hug him and cry 'Stop torture yourself! Nobody cares about what was over 30 years ago, you're a saint... Ok, may be Javert cares but look at him, he's laying here so silent and cute (and so unsunk) cause I've hit him too before' etc)

10. Have you ever sung 'On My Own' in the rain?
Oh, this song is too sad! I only sang 'I'm siiinging in the raaaain Just siiiinging in the raaain I don't knooow any woooords But still siiiinging in the raaaaain…'
Thank you for your attention!


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Thanks for visiting my page!

Every of my english comment forces my brain to bleed, sorry if I won't answer to your comment soon)

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Hope you don't mind! :)
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Finally, I've done it! Thank you .D
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